Monday, March 9, 2009

Wikipedia modifies Obama profile for political reasons

Wikipedia has become a source of information for many internet users. Although anyone can modify the pages, the information is usually correct and up to date. However, that is not true about Barack Obama's biography. There is no mention of former Weathermen terrorist Bill Ayers and only a passing mention of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. The lawsuits and court decisions regarding Obama's birth record are also noticeably missing. When users try to add factual information about those subjects, their changes are deleted in less than three minutes and the users get a three day ban. This is in spite of following Wikipedia guidelines to the letter. It would seem the volunteer Wikipedia administrators empowered to watch this site are all Barack Obama supporters. By contrast, former President Bushes biography includes references to his youthful alcohol and drug problems as well as several uncomplimentary things about his Presidency. This site will not reference Wikipedia until fairness is restored. Jay Walsh, a spokesman for Wikipedia, told that as of Monday afternoon, Obama's main page was in "full protection mode" until disputes are resolved. Thsi story was broke by
Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility
Mention of citizenship issues deleted in minutes, 'offending' users banned
Posted: March 08, 2009
6:54 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
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Wikipedia, the online "free encyclopedia" mega-site written and edited entirely by its users, has been deleting within minutes any mention of eligibility issues surrounding Barack Obama's presidency, with administrators kicking off anyone who writes about the subject, WND has learned.

A perusal through Obama's current Wikipedia entry finds a heavily guarded, mostly glowing biography about the U.S. president. Some of Obama's most controversial past affiliations, including with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and former Weathermen terrorist Bill Ayers, are not once mentioned, even though those associations received much news media attention and served as dominant themes during the presidential elections last year. (excerpt) read more at


10ksnooker said...

What if you spent your formative years living under a Muslim military junta ruling Indonesia? Do you think you would be blessed with American culture and values? Ever wonder why Obama needs a teleprompter to read, wrtten by an American?

Anonymous said...

I am a little surprised there is no mention of the controversy. Wikipedia likes to deal in facts and avoid being a place where people bicker with loaded language, but they will usually have a section set aside for controversy. Even if his lack of citizenship isn't a fact, it is clearly a controversy and should at least be reported as such.

Anonymous said...

Intellectual Redneck... isn't that an oxymoron ?