Friday, May 22, 2009

California has a spending rather than revenue problem (video)

California state government is bankrupt, but San Diego has a $700 million surplus. How? Watch as San Diego Board of Supervisors Chairman Dianne Jacob explains why California has a spending rather than revenue problem.

Did California Spend Too Much? (video)

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Steel Phoenix said...

We in California are the fifth largest economy in the world, a near paradise of natural resources and farmland, and live in an educated and hard working society.

The only reason we are failing right now is that when you or I or a company find their revenue dropping, we respond by reducing our expenditures; government responds by raising taxes. We can't tax our way out of a budget crisis caused by the financial hardship of the electorate. We need to make deep budget cuts. The D & R will never agree on where, so lets just make it across the board.