Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chris Matthews Calls Michael Steele a Liar & Fearmongerer (video)

Chris Matthews lost it today after Dick Cheney's rebuttal of President Obama's national defense speech. Watching Cheny debate Obama is like watching a howitzer going against a water gun. It is no contest. Matthews took his frustration out on Micheal Steele.

From the video:
"Hardball" host Chris Matthews calls RNC chairman Michael Steele's statement, saying President Obama is "allowing terrorists into the United States", a "cheap shot" and "as close to a lie as I can think of."
"I'm thinking of bad names to call Michael Steele," he begins.

Lawrence O'Donnell comments, "It's breathtaking how stupid they can be in the way they talk about this.

Chris Matthews Calls Michael Steele A Liar, Fearmongerer (video)

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Unknown said...

How the hell does Matthews think 9/11 happened in the first place??

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