Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pastor told to close bible study at his home (video)

Pastor David Jones was told to end the bible study class he has held at his home for over 5 years. The stated reason is he has over 15 people attend. I guess cook outs, family reunions and poker games are prohibited to under this ordinance.

San Diego Officials Threaten Pastor for Holding Home Bible Studies

From YouTube:
Pastor David Jones and his wife Mary, who live in San Diego, got some friends together at their house for a Bible study. However, when the county of San Diego found out, the couple was told they needed to either stop the Bible study or purchase a permit because they had too many people in their home.


Anonymous said...

Be glad you don’t live in San Diego.

San Diego County is one of the most backwards, repressive bureaucracies in the USA. County PR staffers are now tap-dancing like puppets on speed as they do damage control.

E-mail Supervisor Chair Greg Cox at and tell him what a great job (not!) Code Enforcement Head Pam Elias and her staff are doing or tell her yourself at

I hope this goes to court. The County is going to lose big time. Too bad the taxpayers and not the out-of-control bureaucrats will pay the costs and damages.

Hopefully all this negative publicity will protect other citizens from further abuse by these bureaucratic zealots.

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