Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday night open thread

This is an open thread. You can promote your site or discuss any topic. Everyone is welcome. Thread closed. Thanks everyone .


Randy Inman said...

Promoting my fairly new right wing blog


Bill O'Goods said...

For scathing satire & parody of Pelosi, Obama and others (apologies for using the Pelosi- and Obama vulgarities) ...

Laer said...

Since I just posted something from your earlier post on the Argos sensor buoys, I might as well offer up Cheat-Seeking Missiles, which should be linked to my name if Blogger does its mob right.

Kentucky must be beautiful now. I lived there for five years (1975-80) and loved it.

Truckdriversnews said...

Promoting my Truck Drivers News - blog. A blog made for truck drivers by a truck driver, to find the latest news about the Industry

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a cool and nice thing for you to do Howard.

As a care-giver for an elderly dad (who would be dead if I let the medical system take control over his health completely). I am with my dad to serve as an advocate, learn as much as I can about how to keep him safe and properly treated.

I am now committed to learn about, write about and become active in the effort to protect our medical system from Obama.

I encourage people to read two sides of the story:
(1) Tom Daschle's Book "Critical" and
(2) Citizens for patients rights and Rick Scott.

YES. The current medical system is screwy. Rick SCotts has some great ideas. I personally think that transparency in pricing and accountability, personal responsibility for bad doctors.

ANyway you cut it, the Daschle/Obama direction is heading us for certain disaster.

Please feel free to stop by
and share your thoughts.

Thanks for sharing your sites, Randy and Bill.

I will continue to read ur stuff Bluegrass . . . even during NCAA Basketball season.

Have a good weekend all.