Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bill Maher Suggests Obama Stick a Tea Bag Up Beck's Butt

Bill Maher provers conclusively he has no class. He says Scott Brown will be "a real a**hole" and suggests Obama tell Glenn Beck "to shove his tea bag up his a**." This won't be a surprise for most Americans.

Bill Maher granted an interview to Patrick Gavin of, and he employed several profanities in denouncing the emerging conservatives on the political scene. He insisted new Sen. Scott Brown will be "a real a**hole" and "a regular Gandhi – if Gandhi took off his diaper and posed for Cosmo."


Timeshare Jake said...

There are a lot of conservatives who want to give Glenn Beck a good kick in the rear as well, me included.

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Bill Maher on HBO. I even sent a letter of complaint to HBO about his Christian bashings.
I find though that when Bill Maher does invite intelligent Republicans, that he can't debate with them intelligently. So, the copout for Liberals is to bash or name call.

Maher has nothing valuable to contribute to politics in my opinion and therefore he just should largely be ignored.