Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hamas Claims They Don't Commit War Crimes Because They Can't Aim

This has to be the most bizarre defense ever against charges of war crimes. They claim they aren't targeting civilians because they can't accurately aim their rockets. Hamas claims they are just firing them in the general direction of Israel and hoping they hit a military target.

From Wizbang Blog:
Well, Hamas (the terrorist group that runs the Gaza Strip after winning an election) is in a bit of a snit of late. And their public statements show it.

First up, they denied charges that they committed war crimes by targeting civilians during the last dustup with Israel. Their defense to the charge was novel, to say the least: they didn't target civilians because their missiles are unguided, and therefore can't "target" anyone. It's kind of hard to "target" something with a weapon that's addressed to General Delivery, Israel.

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