Monday, February 1, 2010

The Joys of Mass Transit or Why You Should Keep Your Car

Greyhound stranded some passengers in Memphis for up to four days during the recent snowstorm. According to this report, they didn't even offer them a cup of coffee. One stranded passenger did an interview with a local TV station and a Greyhound guard allegedly threw her outside and made her wait for the bus in the cold. This is shameful. Most people take the bus because it is their only choice. Of course, President Obama and democrats would like to put us all at the mercy of mass transit.
"We got laid over in Dallas and they gave us free meal vouchers there because we were stuck for ten hours," Allen said. "We've been stuck here since Thursday and they won't even help you with a free cup of coffee."

Jimmy Gipson has been stuck for two days...

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