Monday, February 8, 2010

Obama Agreed to Negotiations Without Preconditions for Iran, But Not for Republicans on Health Care Reform

President Obama has agreed to negotiations with Iran without preconditions, but he won't do the same for health care reform negotiations with Republicans. Obama insists on starting with the Democrats plan and the precondition health care reform must be a massive overhaul takeover of the system.

From Legal Insurrection:
Barack Obama was steadfast during the campaign and after his election in his willingness to enter into negotiations with Iran without preconditions.

But Obama is not willing to enter into health care negotiations...

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Anonymous said...

Obama is playing Iran's game. Giving them enough time to develop a nuclear bomb.

As for healthcare, it is clear that if Obama and Dems do not give in to some of the Republican's demands for the healthcare bill, then the bill won't make passage.