Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin's Tea Party Convention Keynote Speech (video)

This is Sarah Palin at her best. She calls it like she sees it. The crowd loved it.

Sarah Palin's Tea Party Convention Keynote Speech (video)

Via Breitbart:
Sarah Palin:“How’s that hopey-changey thing workin’ out for you?”

Note: After the initial clip this playlist includes the entire Palin speech and the question and answer session that followed.


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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin really said some hero-ing Patriotic things that I think most Americans are thinking of these days.

Its good that she is making the Obama Administration look like idiots but they are doing a pretty good job of that on their own.

Anonymous said...

I read the speech transcript.. listened to the sound bites.. saw the Chris Wallace interview..

She speaks in broad terms.. obviously not self schooling herself on complex issues.

It’s just an adjective salad thinly connected by poorly written punch lines to inspire people that don’t seem to want to investigate or research anything on their own.

She is an empty suit if I ever saw one it literally is like watching one of those beauty queen contestants talk about solving world hunger or creating world peace with love and generosity.

I am not dismissing the concerns of the tea party.. in fact I defend their right to disagree.. but ignoring facts and pointing fingers isn’t going to get the job done.

Sarah will never be President.. it doesn’t pay enough.. and she has demonstrated she will give up public service for a fast buck.

Don’t forget.. she abandoned her principles, her sworn duty, the people that voted her into the governor’s office and for that matter the entire state of Alaska. She is not to be trusted and should not be trusted with the entire country based on her recent history.

Finally.. I did not hear or read one idea from her to solve any of the problems we all face regardless of party affiliation.