Saturday, November 15, 2014

Father, whose son was killed by illegal alien, asks Obama to write EO to bring his son back...

Ouch. The sad part is Obama doesn't care about anyone's deceased son. He is only interested in playing electoral politics. He thinks democrats can gain some advantage in 2016 if he issues this EO. That is his only consideration.

Via Breitbart:
A grieving father is asking President Barack Obama to bring his son, who was killed by an illegal alien, back to life with an executive order on immigration.
“While your Executive Order pad is out, can you write one to bring my son and the tens of thousands (actually over 100,000) killed by illegal aliens back to life and to bring our destroyed families back together?” asks Don Rosenberg in a letter to Obama. His son Drew was killed by an illegal alien who ran over him in 2010.
In the letter, Rosenberg notes that President Obama’s administration refused to deport the illegal alien who killed his son.
“I know that shortly you will be issuing some sort of Executive Order protecting millions of lawbreakers, many of whom have killed people but all of whom share some responsibility for those killed,” Rosenberg wrote. “I know that you want to prevent their families from being separated. By the way, your administration refused to deport the man who killed my son. I was told, ‘He’s only committed one crime of moral turpitude.’”
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