Monday, November 10, 2014

Gun-related homicides reached a five-year low last year

Don't look for this story in the mainstream media. 

Via Truth Revolt:
According to the FBI statistics on murder victims for 2013, the number of gun-related homicides reached a five-year low, dropping eight percent since 2009.
The FBI reports that roughly two-thirds of the 12,253 people murdered in America in 2013 died by firearms. The total, 8,454, was down 9% since 2009, when it stood at 9,199. A large majority of gun-related homicides (5,782) were killed by people wielding handguns. The next largest category, “firearms, type not stated,” totaled 1,956. A far smaller portion were killed with rifles, shotguns, and “other guns” (285, 308, and 123, respectively).
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