Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On second thought, Chicago Public Schools won't teach fourth and fifth graders “safe anal sex”

Whoever put this on the curriculum in the first place should be fired. 

Via Inquistr:
A rumored plan by the Chicago Public Schools to teach “safe anal sex” and other unconventional sex topics to fourth graders has made its rounds on the internet. According to circulating stories, parents were allegedly appalled to find bothersome topics – reportedly including safe anal sex, female condoms, morning after pills and using lubrication – on the latest sex ed curriculum of fourth and fifth graders in Chicago,.
DNA Info released Saturday a report detailing an alleged proposal by the Chicago Public Schools for a new sex ed curriculum designed for fourth and fifth graders. Parents of students from Andrew Jackson Language Academy who reviewed the curriculum binders were reportedly “shocked” and “horrified” by the content of the proposed topics, noting that the lessons included in the curriculum were “appalling” and not age-appropriate. Angela Bryant, chairwoman of the Local School Council, denounced the alleged inclusions in the fourth-grade sex ed curriculum, saying that the topics were composed in “a manner that actually is piquing curiosity about sexual pleasure”, instead of more informative sex education.
The Chicago Public School system immediately issued a statement regarding the curriculum, saying that the inclusion of the overly-risque topics was a mistake.

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