Friday, March 6, 2009

GM workers just don't get it(video)

GM is facing almost sure bankruptcy. UAW members fail to accept any responsibility. They feel they have given "concession after concession" over the last twenty years. This flies in the face of a current contract worth over $70 thousand a year per employee. They feel they have given up everything they can in spite of refusing to take a base wage pay cut during the recent negotiations. The truth is the UAW failed to give any serious concessions in the recent bailout negotiations. They actually blame their fellow Americans for not buying their overpriced, poorly made vehicles. Watch the video of UAW members being interviewed.

First Person: GM Workers Watch As Finances Dim


Matthew Miller said...
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Matthew Miller said...

GM committed business suicide by choosing to focus on nationalistic "buy American" advertising instead of trying to produce better cars. Decades of producing inferior products has caught up with them. Let the incompetent morons go out of business already. No bailouts for failures!

No bailouts for failures!

Matthew Miller said...

I think this sums it up nicely:

Letter to General Motors