Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hillary Clinton wants a Palestinian state

Premier-designate hardliner Benjamin Netanyahu may put up a roadblock in front of Hillary's two state plan. As premier in 1996, Netanyahu put a stop to the Oslo peace process. He will be an unlikely partner now. Meanwhile, Isreal continues to build more settlements and Hamas upholds the ceasefire by firing more rockets.

Clinton vows to work for creation of Palestinian state

US Secretary of State says first step right now in Middle East east peace process is durable ceasefire.

TEL AVIV - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressed her "aggressive" Middle East diplomacy on Tuesday, vowing to work towards the creation of a Palestinian state.

On her first visit to the region since being appointed by new US President Barack Obama, Clinton said she would pursue a comprehensive peace plan.

Clinton also stressed the US commitment to the creation of a viable Palestinian state living peacefully alongside Israel, a concept at the heart of efforts to end the decades-old Middle East conflict.

"It is our assessment... that eventually, the inevitability of working toward a two-state solution is inescapable."(excerpt) read more at middle-east-online.com

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Anonymous said...

There already is a Palestinian state, we just don't recognize it for some reason, even though we held the election for them.

It brings nothing but benefits. If the are a state, then they are subject to all of the international rules and protections as such. Rocket attacks could be considered an act of war, Illegal aliens from Israel could be booted, etc.