Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Obama snubs Howard Dean again

As Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean's tenure comes to an end, he has failed for a second time to secure a job in the Obama Administration. He has made his desire to be part of the cabinet clearly known. In spite of this, President Obama has chosen Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to to become his Secretary of Health and Human Services. Many credit Dean's 50 state strategy with the big gains Democrats have made in recent Congressional elections. Dean's uncompromising enforcement of the rules stripped the early voting states of Florida and Michigan of their delegates and propelled Barack Obama into an early lead in the democratic primary. If the Florida and Michigan delegates had been recognized early in the campaign, Hillary Clinton may have been the Democratic nominee for President. Dean's antagonism towards the Clinton camp was well know.

Dean: I Was 'Pretty Clear' I Wanted to Be Health Secretary
Former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean talks about being passed over again for President Obama's Cabinet.

Former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean is making no secret of his dashed desires to become a member of President Obama's Cabinet, after he got passed over yet again for the job of health and human services secretary

"I was pretty clear that I would have liked to have been Secretary of HHS but it is the president's choice and he decided to go in a different direction," Dean was quoted saying on Monday in the Huffington Post after Obama made clear Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius was going to get the job.(excerpt) read more at FoxNews.com


Carl Wicklander said...

I'm no Dean fan, but I'm not afraid to admit that he did a lot for the Democrats. A liberal friend of mine despaired when Dean landed his current gig, "Oh, no. We're not going to win another election for ten years." We all laughed at Dean back then. Not anymore.

All that aside, I've got to wonder what Obama is going to do with Dean. He would have been the natural choice for HHS. I can't imagine the Democrats, who are loyal to a fault, would completely snub someone like Dean.

Anonymous said...

This surprises me as well, but I'll be happy to see him fade into anonymity.

Anonymous said...

There was an incident about a year ago between Dean and Obama. I can't remember what it was, but if I recall correctly there is some bad blood between them.

I think Dean would be a good choice for HHS, but I'm not sure his views are in line with those of Obama. I think Obama has an improved variant of Hillarycare. I remember liking Dean's better. Personally I think there is only one system for health care that is worse than what we have now, and that is the government mandate of health insurance (Hillarycare). I can't think of a worse example of corporate welfare.