Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obama voters discriminated against Palin because she was an attractive woman

A new study by the Journal of Experimental psychology indicates many people were less likely to vote for Sarah Palin because she was an attractive woman. They viewed her as less competent, intelligent and capable because of her looks. Anyone who thinks a woman can not be both attractive and capable is an idiot. We already knew most of Barack Obama's voters were clueless of his history and positions on the issues. Now, we can add stereotyping of a great woman to their list of sins.
Did Palin's looks hurt?
Ben Smith Ben Smith – Thu Mar 5, 9:33 am ET

A new article in the Journal of Experimental psychology makes the case that Sarah Palin's looks -- and the focus on them -- hurt her and John McCain in November's election.

They took a group of 133 undergraduates and assigned them to write a few lines about one of two celebrities: Palin or actress Angelina Jolie. Half of the participants in each category were asked to write “your thoughts and feelings about this person,” while the other half were asked to write “your thoughts and feelings about this person’s appearance.”

Those who wrote about Palin’s appearance were more positive in their assessments than those who assessed her qualities as a person. But they rated her far lower in terms of competence, intelligence and capability, and were far less likely to indicate they planned to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket.(excerpt) read more at

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Anonymous said...

In other breaking news, women who tell guys "you're a really nice guy" on a first date, proceed to dump them.

Remember, you are talking about liberals here. They want to tell themselves that everyone is special and good at something.