Monday, May 4, 2009

Democrats vote to protect pedophiles, but not veterans

Democrats voted down an amendment to the Hate Crimes bill that would have stripped protection from pedophiles. Then, they voted down an amendment that would have given protection to veterans. Democrats in Congress have lost touch with mainstream America. RedState has reported:
This is really kind of mind numbing and demonstrates what is wrong with Congress.

During a House Judiciary Committee meeting, Congressman Steve King (R-IA) offered up an amendment to the hate crimes bill to exclude pedophiles from being a protected category under the hate crimes legislation.

Every single Democrat voted it down.

In the same meeting, Congressman Tom Rooney (R-FL) offered an amendment to include veterans as a class protected under the hate crimes bill. Not only did the Democrats vote it down, but Cogresswoman Debbie Waasserman Schultz attacked the Republicans for even thinking veterans might need protection under hate crimes legislation. After all, who but Democrats in Congress hate veterans?


Carl Wicklander said...

This isn't about pedophiles or veterans. It's about granting special privileges for certain people.

I oppose hate crimes legislation because it's really thought control. Whether someone thinks pedophiles deserve less protection under the law or that veterans deserve more is besides the point. Each side of this argument says that some people are more equal than others. The belief that some people deserve "special rights" is as anti-American as you can get.

Rick Beagle said...

I have never seen a website that quotes from Red State. Most people think that site is about as fringe and idiotic as they come, but wow....

Yep, that hate bill was designed to protect pedophiles.... And by the way, if we had made vets a protected species under the hate bill, Rumsfield would be going to prison....