Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Glenn Beck takes on Acorn spokesman and tosses him out for racist allegation

Glenn Beck debates an Acorn spokesman and tosses him out for racist allegation during the break. According to
ACORN National Spokesman Scott Levenson was ejected from a Fox News studio Wednesday following an off-camera altercation with host Glenn Beck that involved racially charged comments, as they were described by Beck.

“I threw him out of the studio, get the hell out of my studio,” Beck told viewers he said after Levenson accused him of being “afraid of black people.”

Beck told listeners after the break that Levenson was expelled from the studio after he accused the host of being racist. Levenson appeared on the “Glenn Beck” show to respond to criminal charges filed against ACORN employees in Nevada on Monday. The non-profit organization, formally known as the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now, is under investigation nationwide for voter fraud in at least 12 different states.

In his exchange with Beck, the ACORN spokesman insisted that individual employees were responsible for the violations but not the national organization. Beck was not persuaded by this defense and persisted in his questioning.

Here is the video. The part where Beck tells the audience about tossing the Acorn spokesman is at 8 minutes, but the video is fun to watch all the way through.

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