Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama is stimulating ammo sales

Gun owners are fearful the Obama administration will restrict sales. They are rushing to buy ammo and creating a shortage. CNN reported:
AURORA, Colorado (CNN) -- Gun shops across the country are reporting a run on ammunition, a phenomenon apparently driven by fear that the Obama administration will increase taxes on bullets or enact new gun-control measures.

"In the last two months it's gotten very, very difficult to find ammunition," says Richard Taylor, manager of The Firing Line, a gun shop and shooting range in the Denver, Colorado, suburbs.

"There are a lot of rumors floating around that the present government would like to increase taxes on ammunition. I think [there is] just a lot of panicked buying going on."

While campaigning for the White House, Obama supported re-enacting the now-expired ban on assault weapons. But there is no indication that the administration will take up that measure -- or any other gun-control initiative --anytime soon.

Nonetheless, some gun owners aren't taking any chances.

Two weeks ago, The Firing Line was forced to impose a four-box-per-customer limit on ammo. Before that, the shop was selling 10,000 rounds of 9 mm handgun ammunition a day.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the Obama administration is in fact trying to backdoor a major piece of restrictive gun control legislation. It is Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sales Act of 2009, introduced in the House January 6 2009, so early right after the New Year they were hoping no one was paying any attention. Another one is the Gun Show Background Check Act of 2009. Both bills can be found at which is the library of congress search system. Rotten buggers. Both bills try to backdoor a lot of control measures that are not obvious from the Act titles, and it seems once again gun owners are getting blamed for all the ills of the nation, when in fact we are responsible for none of them. Almost every single statistic bears out the fact that any place where you have a concentration of responsible gun owners, you have lower crime. Don't blame us for the mess with all the ethnic gangs, the problems in Mexico, etc. I was really hoping Obama would not be a socialist, but it appears he is a die hard one. And please, don't confuse Socialism with Liberalism. They are not the same, and he is not the latter.