Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nonunion FedEx indicted by Obama administration for shipping drugs from illegal pharmacies...

FedEx just picks up and delivers packages. Why are they responsible for vetting the contents? Did unionized UPS ever ship anything from an illegal online pharmacy? 

Via Clickon Detroit
FedEx was indicted Thursday for allegedly shipping prescription drugs from illegal online pharmacies to dealers and addicts , according to documents filed in federal court.
The shipping giant, however, said it is innocent and will plead not guilty.
While some Internet pharmacies are managed by well-known chains and follow proper protocol, others fail to require a prescription before filling orders. Instead, they only require a person to complete an online questionnaire, without meeting with a physician.
“The advent of Internet pharmacies allowed the cheap and easy distribution of massive amounts of illegal prescription drugs to every corner of the United States, while allowing perpetrators to conceal their identities through the anonymity the Internet provides,” said U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag.
She added: “This indictment highlights the importance of holding corporations that knowingly enable illegal activity responsible for their role in aiding criminal behavior.”

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