Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who is up for six California's?

One is too many...

Via San Jose Mercury News
[...] Draper, who has shelled out $4.9 million on his oft-mocked and maligned campaign, announced he’ll submit petition signatures for the measure Tuesday and hold a news conference in Sacramento.
“California needs a reboot,” said a news release issued Monday by his committee. “Six Californias is our opportunity to solve the many problems we face today. … Six states that are more representative and accountable. Six states that embrace innovation and strive to improve the lives of residents.”
The measure would split California into six states, each with its own government; much of the Bay Area, plus Santa Cruz and Monterey counties, would become the state of Silicon Valley. California’s northernmost parts would become Jefferson, as some counties up there have wanted for years; some North Bay counties would become part of North California; Stockton, Fresno and Bakersfield would be among Central California’s largest cities; Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara would wind up in West California; and San Diego would anchor South California.

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