Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Obama admits it a lie he hears about scandals through the news media...

Obama knows about all the scandals his administration is involved in. he just isn't going to acknowledge them until the mainstream media takes an interest. 
BELLEVUE, Wash. — People don’t tend to vote on foreign policy. But reflecting on the crises in Ukraine, Gaza, Syria and Iraq that followed him as he headed to the West Coast for a fundraising swing, President Barack Obama acknowledged that they’re adding to an anxiety that’s feeding cynicism that could hurt his party in the midterms. [...]
Some of that cynicism, Obama joked was because of the news, which he said he doesn’t tend to watch himself.
Confronted with scandals — from the NSA to Veterans Affairs on down — Obama often falls back on the defense of saying he was outraged when he learned about the problems from news reports. To the crowd in Seattle, though, he said about the news, “Whatever they’re reporting about, usually I know.”

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