Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama wants to disarm Israel of nukes

In his effort to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions, President Obama wants to force Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. This would require Israel to declare and relinquish its nuclear arsenal. The Washington Times reported:
President Obama's efforts to curb the spread of nuclear weapons threaten to expose and derail a 40-year-old secret U.S. agreement to shield Israel's nuclear weapons from international scrutiny, former and current U.S. and Israeli officials and nuclear specialists say.

The issue will likely come to a head when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Mr. Obama on May 18 in Washington. Mr. Netanyahu is expected to seek assurances from Mr. Obama that he will uphold the U.S. commitment and will not trade Israeli nuclear concessions for Iranian ones.

Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller, speaking Tuesday at a U.N. meeting on the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), said Israel should join the treaty, which would require Israel to declare and relinquish its nuclear arsenal.

"Universal adherence to the NPT itself, including by India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea, ... remains a fundamental objective of the United States," Ms. Gottemoeller told the meeting, according to Reuters.

Most Israelis favor a more direct approach to disarming Iran of it's nuclear potential. Also, they are skeptical about Barack Obama's stance towards Israel.


Edward said...

Exit polls shows that Obama received 77% of the Jewish votes ..

Not sure where to go with that .. perhaps a version of "as ye sow, so shall ye reap .." or however it goes.

Steel Phoenix said...

The Foreign Assistance Act bans U.S. economic, and military assistance, and export credits to countries that deliver or receive, acquire or transfer nuclear enrichment technology when they do not comply with IAEA regulations and inspections.

What is the point of signing treaties and making law if we have no intention of following them? I certainly would never sign a treaty with the U.S., their word is worthless. WE should either repeal and rescind, or follow our own laws.