Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Global Warming Alarmists Play on Fear of Giant Snakes

Is there anything alarmists won't use to shill for anthropogenic global warming?
Grist via Weasel  Zippers:
Here’s another reason to combat climate change: Severe weather events can flush out terrifying giant snakes.
This photo — which gives me ALL THE WILLIES. ALL OF THEM — was taken in Louisiana near the Morganza spillway, a flood control structure that was just employed to relieve pressure on the levee system after recent floods. So basically, this snake is relocating due to flooding, like everyone else in the affected area. Man, as if the sharks in Brisbane weren’t bad enough.
I dearly want this photo to be fake — snakes are creepy enough when they’re not a hundred feet long. They WALK with their ABS, people! That’s not right. But many of the commenters at Boing Boing, usually the first to tell by the pixels, are saying they think it’s reality. Monstrous snakes — could there possibly be a better reason to keep the climate under control?

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