Monday, May 16, 2011

Pelosi Flip-Flops In Three Hours on Medicare

From Pelosi's "The Gavel" blog:

GOP Plan to Abolish Medicare is Off the Table

Posted on by Karina
In a pathetic attempt to deflect outrage about their efforts to abolish Medicare, Republicans are grasping at straws. Leader Pelosi strongly opposes benefit cuts and the Republican plan–as she stated during the House floor debate of the Republican budget:
Medicare is a core value of our social compact with the American people, yet this budget shreds that contract, which is part of the strength of our country. The Republican proposal breaks the promise that our country has made to our seniors, that after a lifetime of work they will be able to depend on Medicare to protect them in retirement. This plan, the Republican plan, ends Medicare as we know it and dramatically reduces benefits for seniors. It forces them to pay more, to buy their insurance from the health insurance companies, where the average senior would be forced to pay twice as much for half of the benefits.
A few hours later:
“Yes. I think Medicare is on the table. I think Social Security is probably on its own table.”

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