Sunday, May 29, 2011

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Global Warming Could Make Earth Uninhabitable Withing 50 Years or Something

NYC Mayor Bloomberg has put on his chicken little hat and is sounding the Global Warming doomsday siren.
MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: If you ask the public ‘is there global warming,’ is in ’50 years the earth going to be dramatically different or perhaps uninhabitable,‘ their eyes roll. Nobody can think 50 years in advance.

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: Your job is not to ask the public where they want to go and get behind them. Your job is to tell the public and convince the public where they should go, and lead from the front.

The Mayors of these cities are not asking the public whether they are willing to spend to live healthier lives and live longer. They are there to explain to the public that if they don’t spend that money they’re not going to live as long and not going to be as healthy. And then convince them to come along, reach into their pockets, pay their taxes, change their policies.
Before you panic at Mayor Bloomberg's words, please review the charts posted below. Sea level is rising at a mean of 3.1 mm per year for the last 15 years. Extrapolated for 50 years, that equates to a sea level rise of a little over 6 inches. That is troubling for beach erosion, but hardly reason to start building an Ark. As you can see from the bottom 15 year temperature chart, global warming seems to be stalling out. The climate models used to predict anthropogenic global warming have the temperature rising at an exponential rate due to the effect of man-made greenhouse gases. That clearly isn't happening at the moment.

University of Colorado at Boulder - Click the pic to view at source

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) - Click the pic to view at source

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now i am sure. he not a RHINO. he a NE liberal who says he is a GOP member.