Sunday, July 6, 2014

Obvious: Demo Rep. Henry Cuellar blames Obama for underage immigration crisis...

I am surprised candy Crowley's head didn't explode.

Via NewsBusters:

CANDY CROWLEY: Do you think the President will get the $2 billion plus that he's asking for to meet this emergency situation with more help at the border, more social workers to deal with the children?
REP. HENRY CUELLAR: Well, again we got border patrol securing the border right now as you can see behind us but the President has asked for some money, he certainly can move some money around, and we can handle that at the end if we want to. Again, let's keep in mind with all due respect to the administration they are one step behind. They should have seen this coming a long time ago. They should have seen this a long time ago because we saw those numbers increasing. We are hoping we can get that money so we can provide more detention spaces, more flights down there, and again, if we put those young children and those mothers in the right caregivers in those countries I think this would solve. There is an incentive, there is an incentive that if you bring a child over here or your child by themselves, you're going to be let go. And that is exactly what is happening. Our immigration courts are so backlogged, there is not enough detention spaces and therefore this is the incentive that we have to take away and that is the 2008 human trafficking law that needs to be changed at this time.
CANDY CROWLEY: Congressman, I want to give the mayor the last word because I hear him agreeing with you but first before I leave the congressman, President Obama is coming to Texas this week. As I understand it at least thus far he has no plans to visit the border. How does that strike you?
CUELLAR: Well, again it would be nice for him to come down to the border but again with all due respect I think he is still one step behind. They knew this was happening a year ago. Last year and again they are not reacting fast enough at this time in my opinion.

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