Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dumbest Statement Ever? Joy Behar: We Should Offer al-Qaeda Terrorists a “Book Deal” Instead of Waterboarding Them to Get Information.

A book deal? Yeah, that should work.

 Fox Nation reported:
“The View” ladies discussed the effectiveness of coercive interrogation today and Joy Behar claimed, “there are other ways of getting information out of people . . . pay them off!” Ms. Behar said offering a terrorist a “$6 million book deal” may work just as well as waterboarding them. Sherri Shepherd interrupted and passionately defended CIA agents who do what’s necessary to protect average citizens . . . which actually ignited a hearty ovation from left-leaning “View” crowd.

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Anonymous said...

As Hannity mentioned earlier in his radio show today... WE GOT THE INTELLIGENCE OF BIN LADENS WHEREABOUTS THROUGH CERTAIN TORTURE INTERROGATIONS! Liberals may argue all they want, but the fact of the matter is it worked, and now due to it, Obama can vast the glory