Monday, May 9, 2011

Yemen Passport Holder Rageit Almurisi Attacks Cockpit Door

Yemen Passport Holder Rageit Almurisi got out of his seat and started pounding on the cockpit door of an American Airlines flight as it approached San Francisco last night. He was tackled by passengers. His motivation hasn't been revealed.Anyone care to take a guess?

(AP) –  SAN FRANCISCO – Crew members and passengers wrestled a 28-year-old man to the cabin floor after he began pounding on the cockpit as an American Airlines flight approached San Francisco, the third security incident in a day on U.S. planes, authorities said Monday.

The man was yelling unintelligibly as he brushed past a flight attendant about 10 minutes before American Airlines Flight 1561 from Chicago was due at San Francisco International Airport Sunday night, Sgt. Michael Rodriguez of the San Francisco police said.

He was identified as 28-year-old Rageit Almurisi. He carried a Yemen passport, but it wasn’t clear if his nationality was also Yemeni, Rodgriguez said.
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