Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mitt Romney promises to put the "work" back in welfare...

It is one thing to help somebody down on their luck out, but is you have been helping out for over a couple of years, they are mooching off you.

Via Yahoo News:
Mitt Romney went after President Barack Obama in his own backyard on Tuesday, accusing his Democratic opponent of gutting bipartisan welfare reforms signed into law by former President Bill Clinton.

Speaking at a manufacturing company in Elk Grove, Ill., just outside Chicago, the presumptive Republican nominee accused Obama of trying to "reverse the accomplishment" of Clinton's welfare reform efforts, which he called "one of the greatest bipartisan successes we've seen."

Romney was speaking about a recent Department of Health and Human Services directive that removed federal work requirements in what Obama administration officials said was an effort to grant states more flexibility in determining who can qualify for welfare assistance.

Romney called that move "wrong"—arguing that the work requirement signed into law by Clinton had not just been a cost-saving measure but had encouraged Americans to walk away from a "culture of dependency." The work requirement, Romney said, had cut welfare caseloads in half and had reduced the number of Americans living in poverty—which he described as a "great accomplishment."

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