Friday, August 10, 2012

Was the Priorities USA Action cancer death ad 'Understand' shot at the same time as campaign Obama's May 'Steel ' ad?

The answer isn't 100% clear, but there is good reason for suspicion. They both feature former steel worker Joe Soptic, whose wife died from cancer. Mr. Soptic looks identical, from the shirt he wears to the length of his hair and the two stray hairs on top of his head, in the two videos. The only noticeable difference is he wears glasses in the May Obama 'Steel' ad. This could all be coincidental, but it is unlikely in my opinion. In early May or late April, depending on the exact shoot time, the long sleeve shirt would have made sense. It doesn't make sense for the Priorities USA Action 'Understand' ad if it was shot in June, July or early August. The area of Kansas City, Missouri has been in a heat wave for that time; like much of the central USA. The average max temperature for July was a blistering 99 degrees. Long sleeves don't make sense for this hot summer. Also, the outdoors shots from both videos show a very cloudy, almost rainy looking, day. This area of Missouri is currently in a D4 exceptional drought.

Here are the ads.

"Steel" by campaign Obama Posted May 14, 2012.

"understands" by Priorities USA Action posted August 7, 2012.

You be the judge...

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