Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mississippi Poll: Only 22% of McDaniel’s supporters are committed to vote for Cochran

Cochran is in a dead heat with demo Travis Childers and this poll is among mostly Republicans!

Another troubling finding for Cochran in the latest poll:
“When we asked McDaniel supporters which candidate they would support in the general election, 21% said they would vote for Democrat Travis Childers and another 16% said they would probably not vote at all. Only 22% of McDaniel’s supporters were committed to vote for Cochran in November.”
Many are going to claim we should support Cochran to gain control of the Senate, but I disagree. With Mitch McConnell as the Majority leader, the only thing that will change is Mitch will have a bigger office. McConnell lacks the spine to stand up to Obama's vetoes and there are enough RINO's to get Obama's nominees confirmed. 

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