Sunday, April 19, 2015

NY learns telling welfare recipients to stop using EBT cards at strip clubs doesn't work...

If they would cancel these abusers EBT cards, they could have an impact.

Via The NY Post:
Welfare recipients swiped their electronic benefits cards to get cash at strip clubs, peep shows, porn shops and liquor stores for months after a state law was enacted to stop the practice.
A Post review of state Electronic Benefit Transfer records showed dozens of transactions at ATMs at the off-limits locales, including ABC Liquor Store in Brooklyn, Sin City Entertainment in The Bronx and Sugardaddy’s strip club in Long Island City.
The records were obtained under the Freedom of Information Law by The Post, which in 2013 uncovered numerous instances in which welfare recipients used EBT cards to get cash from ATMs at bars, porn shops and liquor stores.
In 2014, the state spent $2.2 billion in tax money on its Temporary Assistance program, which is intended to pay for housing, utilities and household necessities.

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