Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The woman who is taking a van to Iowa to meet Americans puts on dark glasses and goes incognito in at Chipotle

I guess she didn't want to be bothered by the little people when having lunch...
Maybe it was the dark sunglasses. Or maybe she had a certain je ne sais — qui?
But nobody took notice of the celebrity in front of the counter. Fellow patrons paid her no more attention than a driver would get from a toll taker.
Nor did the restaurant’s staff notice Mrs. Clinton, until this reporter, tipped off that she had dined there, telephoned.
The Chipotle manager, Charles Wright, insisted at first that the tip must have been false.
But he offered to review his security-camera recordings, and quickly reversed himself. There was Mrs. Clinton, in a bright pink shirt, ordering a chicken burrito bowl — and carrying her own tray.
“The thing is, she has these dark sunglasses on,” Mr. Wright said. “She just was another lady.”

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