Tuesday, July 21, 2009

African-Americans are becoming frustrated with Obama too (audio)

Conservative and moderates aren't the only ones becoming frustrated with Obama's performance. African-Americans are becoming frustrated too. However, the issues are different.

From Radio Equalizer:
Faced with an increasing number of calls from African-American listeners angry with Barack Obama's performance, a frustrated Reverend Al Sharpton has begun to turn against his own radio audience in an attempt to diffuse it.

Until a week or so ago, Sharpton's radio callers remained seemingly euphoric over Obama's victory, rarely raising critical points. Almost with the flick of a switch, however, listeners are suddenly phoning the syndicated liberal talk host to express their concerns over unfulfilled promises and unclear results.

Audio from Sharpton's radio show.

From the audio:
MARK ALLEN (CALLER) (48:22): Listen, man, I want to say something about the President’s (NAACP) speech. You know Al, you’ve run for office before and I can’t imagine after 30 years of us working together in the trenches that you’ve finally become Senator or whatever and I can’t talk to you no more, or you don’t respond the way that you do now to different people that call you from around the world. Even today, they bring you issues. You respond back with yes, no, maybe so. Or something. I think that we had this conversation several months ago.

Remember when Barack Obama first announced, he was going to develop this office on urban policy that was going to lift the people up on the bottom in urban areas, based upon what happens in Chicago.

Well, months later, Chicago's blowing up. Where’s the urban policy? New York, Detroit, all these areas where the NAACP has chapters, they’re dealing with record unemployment, rise in urban crime. And then as opposed to coming before all of these chapters and say look, here’s how my public policy is about to lift all your people up. That you could hold, be publicly accountable to. He gives one of those good, I told you so, do this kind of speech and walk away without saying any public policy by which the people can hold… (Sharpton interrupts)More here.

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