Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama Acted Stupidly

An African-American Harvard professor lost his house keys. He broke into his own house and someone called the police and reported a burglary. From that point on, it gets weird. If the police came to my house to prevent a burglary, I would be appreciative. The professor had a different attitude. When the police showed up and asked the professor to identify himself, he got extremely nasty, accused the officer of racism, insinuated political connections and referenced the officers mother. The professor was arrested for disorderly conduct, but the charges were later dropped. Then, President Obama chimes in and says, "the police acted stupidly." Then, he talked about police profiling in America. If I had been the officer, I don't know if I would have arrested the professor. I wasn't there, but it looks like the professor was the one acting stupidly.

Here is the video.

The officer responded.

From NewsMax:
The police officer at the center of a national racial firestorm triggered by President Barack Obama told an interviewer Thursday that he had nothing to apologize for in the arrest of a black Harvard scholar, and that the president he didn’t vote for should have more carefully considered his words.

“The apology won’t come from me, I’ve done nothing wrong,” Sgt. James Crowley told Carl Stevens of WBZ News Radio in Boston.

Here is a great analysis from American Thinker.

From American Thinker:
From the moment a police officer dons that uniform, he/she becomes a symbol of authority, and it becomes obvious very quickly that most people in a free country resent authority. It could be the guy who gets pulled over for speeding or passing a red light; it could be the guy who's clobbering his wife during a family dispute, or it could be a guy who breaking into a residence that turns out to be his.

Although these are situations in which the police must take action, their authority will usually be resented. It's the type of job in which you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't. When a neighbor called police to the Cambridge, Massachusetts neighborhood next to Harvard University, she said there were two men breaking into a home. Sergeant Jim Crowley, a sixteen year veteran of police work, took the call and arrived at the scene to discover that the door had been jimmied and two men were inside.

It turned out later that it was Henry Gates, a Harvard professor, and his chauffer. Unfortunately for Sgt. Crowley, Gates did not have his name and address tattooed to his forehead. Therefore, it became necessary for the sergeant to ask him to show his identification.

What ensued from that moment is something that any veteran cop can relate to. This professor, evidently indignant about being questioned by a mere public servant, launched into a tirade that included references to the cop's mother and charges of racism.

In addition, it was reported that Gates made insinuations about his political influence. When he asked the officer if he knew who he's "messin' with," it was a likely reference to his friendship with President Obama.

So, here we have a case of a man who lost his keys to his house, broke in through a rear door and then became indignant when police responded to a report of a burglary and had the temerity to ask him to identify himself. When he was asked to step outside to speak with the officer, this Harvard-educated, "learned" professor said: "I'll speak with your mama outside!"

Such trash talk is generally confined to inner-city ghettos, not upscale areas which are often targeted by burglars. Is it any wonder that the cop doubted he was talking to a prominent citizen and respectable member of the community?

The fact that the cop is white and the professor is black made this a dream scenario for an opportunist to scream racism. Gates, who is reportedly working on a documentary about racism in America, apparently seized the moment as an excellent way to grab publicity for his upcoming project.

Keep in mind that the actions of the sergeant were thoroughly investigated by the Professional Standards Unit of the Cambridge PD and found to be in accordance with proper police protocol. If that cop had not followed procedure, and it turned out later that the house had in fact been burglarized, he could have been fired.


10ksnooker said...

Obama's lecture straight from the rev Wright pews was heartfelt.

Unknown said...

this has happened to me twice in my life, where the police came when I was breaking into my own house...I was polite and embarrassed. But I am not harboring bitterness and hatred for what happened to my great great grandparents like the "professor" is.

Unknown said...

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