Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Al Franken Asks Sotomayor the Dumbest Question (video)

Senator Al Frankin grilled SCOTUS nominee Sonia SotoMayor about a "Perry Mason" episode. We knew this guy was going to be a joke.

Franken & Sotomayor Discuss 'Perry Mason' Episodes During Hearing


iamafractal said...

Wow. Already taking Franken out of context.

Al Franken had the best questions of the day, regarding Net Neutrality, Privacy, and the 15th Amendment of the constitution.

The ACTUAL interesting moment, was when he took his dog-eared pocket constitution of his pocket to look at the 15th amendment.

spyrtpreyz said...

You gotta be joking me-Lol hope Glenn Beck has fun with this one tomorrow.
Ask where she stands on issues Al-duh no brainer.Maybe Al is doing this to get the vacancy. Were all up a creek if he is.

flashyfem said...

Al Franken was the only one that put her on the hot seat.


"Some of the only questioning along those lines came from Sen. Al Franken, who made Sotomayor very uncomfortable as he grilled her on the Roberts Court's tendency to overreach. In this term's Voting Rights Act case, the court came close to striking down an act of Congress, and in an age-discrimination case, it decided an issue that was never briefed. Franken politely asked Sotomayor, "How often have you decided a case on an argument or a question that the parties have not briefed?" He wondered whether that constituted judicial activism. Good question. Why was the junior senator from Minnesota—the one sworn in only a week ago—the first one asking it?

Ben Madsen said...

I also am finding it interesting that Al Franken is being criticized for asking a question that lightens the mood a little, is fairly in context, and provides a view into the humanity of the people serving in our government.

Get real people, we voted PEOPLE into offices; people that have lives and children and hobbies. We should be applauding Franken for making sure we saw at least a LITTLE bit of that.

Now, I can't say whether or not I actually like the guy, but nit-picking stuff like this doesn't keep us focused on important debates, it only serves to distract us.