Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baton Rouge police censoring citizens at ACORN's request (video)

Everyone in America needs to see this video. The police in Baton Rouge trample on American's free speech rights at the direction of Acorn. Is this the change people were expecting when they voted for Obama?

Obamacare - ACORN

Hat tip to BOA via FreeRepublic.


USpace said...

Amazing, but I guess not real surprising.


absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
abuse law enforcement

to silence critical speech
when you run for office

here's an absurd thought
- God of the Universe says
misuse law enforcement

to silence critical speech
so you may keep your office

Teresa said...

That is utterly outrageous :(

Obama is the anti-free speech President. Those Police Officers were violating their free speech. Yet, the police didn't make ACORN move away from the area since they were the one's causing the chaos.

StlDan said...

Be informed, be very informed. Good job.

lawless said...

In the video, an unidentified woman tells the camerawoman, that if the police tell you to do something and you don't do it, that is resisting. Someone should tell Obama and Mr. Gates. I'm tired of this race baiting crap. ACORN can send thugs to events to stifle thought, Panthers can send people with weapons to voting precincts,they can disregard and disrespect what a police officer says, and it's my fault. Why am I holding them back. How about some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for a change.

Anonymous said...

I forwarded the link to Gov Jindal, I find it hard to believe he would allow this.

Anonymous said...

These are the Obama minions he has now called out in full force along with his hate filled liberal bloggers! Good job on the video! Keep it up - add to our archives for the proof we all need to take this administration down!! Forward to all you know - we will win America back!

Anonymous said...

Patriotic Americans--we need to be very afraid of this man---

Somehow--this country has got to be taken back in a manner that is opposite of what this horrible man is doing---done with common sense and without terrorizing people. I admire that this young lady did not tuck in her tail and run--

But--along with others--am not surprised--I think that there are factions in this country that were just waiting for a BO for president.

dirtprof said...

Since when is the President of the United States in charge of the Baton Rouge police? Last I knew, local police were under local control. You might want to check that before going off half-cocked against Obama.

On the other hand, people were forcibly removed from Bush rallies by or on orders from the secret service simply for wearing t-shirts that expressed their displeasure with the Iraq war. That very much was a federal issue--and how many of you were bothered by that?

Pat said...

I was watching Glenn Beck and was so flabbergasted that I had to google you to see the whole thing. (I, too, live near Baton Rouge.) It's hard to believe this is a free country. I was wondering about your "page 16" comment. I was looking at a copy of the bill and was interested in reading that particular part. Can you direct me to the section it is in. Thanks

Teresa said...

The fact that President Obama is the head honcho community organizer and rallies around ACORN is why he could be behind this blatant abuse of these people's civil rights by these police and ACORN. These people on the sidewalk were not disruptive in any way-NOT EVEN ALOUD TO TALK-VIOLATING CIVIL RIGHTS.

The protesters at Bush rallies were probably out of order and causing a ruckus. I don't know but if secret service felt that these people could be a threat to Bush than it is their right to have them removed. Obama is the same person who thinks its okay for the New Black Panthers to intimidate voters from entering a voting precinct in order to prevent the the voters from voting against him. This is illegal. The Justice Dept. had a slam dunk case but under the Obama administration, the charges were dropped.

Anonymous said...

I'm really LMAOOOO.....
All American are deserved to be right now!!!!
You voted for it, So don't complain. Deal with it or Impeach him.

Anonymous said...

Only 52% voted FOR Obama, which means 48% of America pretty much voted against him. 52% is NOT a mandate for sweeping fundamental transformative change of the America we love, NO. Obama barely got voted in.

rebelcajun said...

Since the federal government took over the public school system,they have not allowed true American History to be taught in . the classroom. These tactics were perfected by Stalin,Lenin,Hitler, and Castro. Barack Obama is in thier class. If the young people of this country don't wake up and get involved in the political process,they are going to wake up one morning as prisoners in a countrt they no longer recognize.

Anonymous said...

Dirtprof, the President of the United States isn't in charge of the Cambridge police either but it didn't stop him passing judgement on them did it?

This was a complete violation of free speech and I expect the ACLU to be all over it any minute now. Right!?!?

What do you mean the ACLU left ... they were here a minute ago!?!?!

Anonymous said...


You do know that PUBLIC SCHOOLS are one of the 10 PLANKS OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO written by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels. When the Federal Government started providing additional funding they also began to influence what was taught, and how its is taught. ( You can see the possibility for mischief ). You would be surprised how many of these PLANKS our government has already incorporated.

rebelcajun said...

As the husband of a school teacher,it is easy to see how the liberal administration has made it impossible to teach our children the truth about our founding fathers. The fact that they were God fearing Christians Who were trying to escape the tyranical rule of England is completely ignored. It is much more important to teach black history and cultural diversity than it is to teach the Bill of Rights, the U.S.Constitution, the truth about states rights and the part it played in the Civil War.We are doing a grave injustice to our children and grandchildren. This is no longer a laughing matter.If we the people don't get together and take this country back to it's original intention,it will be unrecognizable in a few short years. It is the citizens that made this country the greatest country in the world. Not the federal government, the U.N. the ACLU or any of these other deranged groups. Stand up people we are Americans and we still are the greatest country on earth. It is up to us to keep it that way. May God help us as we go about this task. We are going to need Him.

Anonymous said...

I was at the coalition of various groups counter protesting earlier that day from when this was supposed to have been taken. THIS IS NOT a standard BRPD uniform. The fellow may be a meter reader or something like that. It is on the same street corner where we were earlier that day and there were NO ACORN T-shirts but there were a few SEIU ones (basically doesn't exist around here but shares the same address with ACORN).

I think that Glen Beck got pwned when he ran this.

Cyanide Cindy said...

Since when do meter readers carry side arms? ? ? ? This is disturbing, to say the least. Unfortunately, things are going to get worse before they get better.

Obviously,based on my username, I'm one of the "mobsters" the Left is so worried about.

Go Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Andrew Wilkow, etc. Keep up the good work of informing and educating.

Flag-Man said...

I really wish Acorn would bring their thugs to Amarillo, Tx.
Flag-Man Texas

blondemensan said...

"The rest of the story" is that this was not a town hall meeting, it was an ACORN rally; ACORN had asked the police to keep the groups apart to avoid a confrontation. No, the policeman should not have told anyone where they could stand on a public sidewalk, but let's tell the whole story.