Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ousted Honduran Leader Zelaya had Plans to Steal Election Allowing Him to Remain in Power

According to Spanish reporters, Honduras' President Manuel Zelaya already had the results of the upcoming Presidential referendum on his computer. Not surprisingly, the results were very favorable for him. Zelaya is an ally of Hugo Chavez. Perhaps, Chavez has loaned his dirty trick playbook to Zelaya. In spite of Zelaya's close ties to Hugo Chavez and accusations of voter fraud, President Obama has called for Zelaya to be returned to power.

Babalu reported:
A Catalan newspaper is reporting that Honduran authorities have seized computers found in the Presidential Palace belonging to deposed president Mel Zelaya. Taking a page right out of the leftist dictator's handbook, these computers, according to the news report, contained the official and certified results of the illegal constitutional referendum Zelaya wanted to conduct that never took place. The results of this fraudulent vote was tilted heavily in Zelaya's favor, ensuring he could go ahead and illegally change the constitution so he could remain in power for as long as he wanted to. ACORN, I'm sure, is taking notes.

This is the man that the OAS, the UN, and the Obama State Department want the Honduran people to reinstall as their leader.

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