Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stacking the Deck for Another Town Hall

President Obama loves a friendly audience and softball questions. During press conferences, he seats friendly journalist up front, uses a secret press list, and even prearranges questions. He has been accused of arranging friendly audiences for Town Hall meetings and having DNC volunteers as props. His upcoming health care Town Hall in Virginia will be no exception.

Annuit Coeptis reported:
A “town hall meeting” is by definition a meeting of the people of a town to discuss or conduct community business. Such a meeting is open to all citizens. In Obamaland, a “town hall meeting” admits only invited fans and worshipers who can be counted on to provide a friendly reception. So how does the scam work? A squib in today’s local newsrag provides a clue.

According to the story, Obama will appear at “a town-hall style meeting with Kroger employees” at a Kroger store in Bristol, Virginia, this coming Wednesday to push for “sweeping health care reform legislation.” Then: “Only those with tickets will be allowed to participate in the meeting, and the tickets have been reserved for Kroger employees.” Kroger is the only unionized grocery chain in Southwest Virginia and one of the few unionized retailers in the region.

So who do you think decides who gets to go?

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