Saturday, July 18, 2009

Orly Taitz and Major Cook Speak to Reporters About Obama's Eligibility (video)

Major Cook and his attorney Dr. Orly Taitz spoke with reporters outside of a Georgia courthouse about why Major Cook refused deployment and questions surrounding President Obama's eligibility. The history of Major Cook's refusal to deploy because Obama is hiding his original birth certificate and other records is here.

Orly Taitz and Major Cook (video)


Unknown said...

Losing credibility fast!!

“Dr.” Orly Taitz, a woman holding herself out as a lawyer, has managed to leverage the far-right’s distaste for President Obama into a number of conspiracy theories, a few scurrilous lawsuits, and fifteen minutes of fame, billing herself as the defender of obscure constitutional phraseology and – apparently – the republic itself. But “Dr.” Taitz may be the only “ineligible” player in her little farce.

Although Taitz is a member of the California Bar, she’s not listed as a member of the American Bar Association (check for yourself). Nor is her “law school” (William Howard Taft University) accredited by the ABA. Because Taft is a distance-learning school only, Taitz’s degree entitles her, at most, to practice in California, as her school candidly admits.

Rules of attorney discipline forbid the practice of law without a license – i.e., without sitting for and passing the bar exam, after graduating from an ABA-accredited school. Her correspondence degree is a limited exception, only useful in California. So, any action in which she appeared as counsel of record outside the state would constitute practicing law without a license, in violation of California disciplinary rules. Has “Dr.” Taitz violated this rule? Does her appearance before the Supreme Court, in filing documents for the frivolous, since-dismissed case Lightfoot v. Bowen, therefore subject her to discipline?

Another right wing embarrassment.

Unknown said...

When measures this desperate are deployed, I am reminded of how desperate The Japanese were, as they faced their inevitable loss.

Reading through the National Review, I, alongside these great conservative writers, am ashamed of this pathetic grasping of straws, slandering with inuendo ablazing, rather than offering a constructive alternative.

Please, if you are a conservative, stay away from Rush, Sarah, and their ilk. Adhering to these idiots will GUARANTEE a lifetime of Democratic majorities. Put the Bible and the Globe down, and read some facts.