Saturday, July 18, 2009

NYT Buries CBO Report Showing Democrats Health Care Plan Increases Costs

RealClearPolitics is reporting about how the New York Times is hiding information negative to President Obama and the Democrats agenda. They buried the CBO that indicated the Democrat's health care plan would increase costs, not reduce them.

Readers of the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post woke up this morning to see front page stories on the news that the Congressional Budget Office produced a rather damning report on the Democrats' health care plan.

The CBO report is mentioned today's New York Times - but it's buried inside the paper in the second paragraph of a story running under the headline, "House Committee Approves Health Care Bill."

It's says quite a bit that the editors at the two other largest and most influential papers in the country found the story to be front page news but the editors at the Times did not.

The second paragraph of the page two article in the New York Times did mention the CBO report, but it failed to state the CBO found the Democrats plan would increase costs.
The 23-to-18 vote came just hours after the director of the Congressional Budget Office, Douglas W. Elmendorf, shook up the political landscape by suggesting that none of the major health care bills would significantly slow the growth of health spending.

Here the front page of the New York Times on July 17,20009.

Image from RealClearPolitics.

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