Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Ad Against ObamaCare

The Family Research Council Action has put out this ad discussing paid abortions and lack of care for seniors if Obamacare is passed.

From YouTube:
Your loved one denied surgery - a government bureaucrat decided it isnt needed.

Your hard-earned tax dollars funding abortions liberals in Congress decided they are needed.

Congress will soon vote on President Obamas healthcare bill a bill limiting our choices to preserve life and expanding the choice to end one.

Our greatest generation denied care. Our future generation denied life

Call your Senator.


Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

The right knows that national health insurance is in the best interests of al Americans except the fatcats that run the insurance companies. So to protect them, they run lying and misleading ads. That you choose to be one of their pawns is disturbing BP. Unless you're one of the fatcat insurance co. execs.

sybilll said...


Read the bill, moron. Everything in that commercial is IN the bill.