Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ABC and CBS Ignore Arrest of Man Making Death Threats to Eric Cantor

When Democrats claimed they were getting treats after Obamacare passed, the mainstream media was all over the story. Meanwhile, Republican were having their offices shot at and actual videotaped death treats surfaced. A man was arrested for posting YouTube death threats against Republican Eric Cantor. ABC and NBC ignored the story. We are still waiting for arrests in the alleged treats against Democrats.

NewsBusters reported:
NBC on Monday night squeezed in a few seconds for the arrest of “a Philadelphia man for threatening the life of the number two Republican in the House of Representatives, Eric Cantor of Virginia.”

Yet after the networks led last week with less-immediate threats against Democrats, they weren’t so interested in a real case of a death threat against a Republican as neither CBS nor ABC aired a word about the arrest and NBC’s Brian Williams gave it short-shrift after leading last Wednesday with Democrats as the victims: “It's getting ugly as anger over health care reform erupts into some over-the-top rhetoric, including threats now against members of Congress.”

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