Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Demo Rep. Tim Ryan (OH) Cancels Town Hall Over Fear of Constituents

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) has canceled a health care town hall because he is afraid to meet with his constituents. Yes. He voted for Obamacare.

The Hill reported:
Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) canceled a town hall on the new healthcare law Tuesday because of concerns about the security of the event.

The congressman’s office cited safety issues at the facility where the meeting was to take place and threats to his office, according to a report by News21.

“We just thought it best to cancel it for safety concerns. ...


Kris Parker said...


Interested Bystander said...


You took the word right out of my keyboard.

These people see the writing on the wall, they know their days are numbered, and with more and more information coming out DAILY about what is in the law Obama signed after allowing it to "sit on his desk" for less than 48 hours, and using 22 pens to sign, the number of people who are discouraged by this disaster will grow.

Let's keep the momentum going, and NOT allow the lefties to "diss" us in to thinking anything other than we are doing what is right for this Country.

Interested Bystander said...


Sorry for misspelling your name.

Carter Burger said...

If this is such a good thing for America, why are the Dems now trying to act all chicken $hit about it? Morons. Most of them know their career is now over.