Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where is the Growing Support for Obamacare?

Democrats have deluded themselves into believing Americans will learn to love Obamacare now that it has passed. When Republicans promised to run on a platform of repealing Democrat's health care reform bill, President Obama actually said, "Go for it." In spite of the positive press and hoopla Obamacare received from the mainstream media last weekend and during President Obama's signing, there has been no polling bump. (see chart) More than fifty percent (pdf) of Americans oppose the massive government takeover of health care. Some of the good things Democrats claimed would take place this year have proven to be false. In their rush to write and ram through Obamacare, Democrats failed to cover pre-existing conditions for children until 2014. On the negative side, businesses are taking billion dollar write downs this year because their bottom line will take a huge hit due to changes made in this law. Millions of retirees may lose their private drug coverage and be forced into the Medicare system. Now that the bill is law, Democrats are admitting it will be used to control Americans and redistribute the wealth. Inspite of claims from President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats that Obamacare does not cover abortion, the truth is coming out. No wonder fifty-five percent (55%) of voters support Republican's plans to repeal the law.

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