Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Harry Reid Rent-A-Thug Identified: IBEW Union Activist

The Harry Reid supporter throwing eggs at Tea Party buses has been identified. He is IBEW union activist Jesse Walker. We should have known. Who besides rent-a-thug union members would turn out to support Harry Reid?

IBEW union activist Jesse Walker promotes Obamacare.


Liberal Thinker said...
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Liberal Thinker said...

"Rent a thug"...? Is that suppose to make conducive sense?

Of course death threats, and spitting on health-care reform supporters don't amount to a few eggs at a bus...

Interested Bystander said...

Hey Liberal Thinker,

Post PROOF that either of these things happened.

I believe that the recorded calls received by Stupak were "plants", and NOT made by any pro life supporters.

It seems to be a pattern of the left to report things that NEVER happened as facts, when they have no PROOF that it actually did happen.