Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deception: Obama claims credit for oil production increase

President Obama is touting an increase in oil production as one of his accomplishments. Here is the chart and info from (accent is mine)
Since taking office, President Obama has called for an “all-of-the-above” approach to reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil, including an increase in safe and responsible oil production here at home.
Today, America’s oil production is at its highest level in eight years:

Does Obama deserve any credit for this or is it all those oil drilling permits former President G. W. Bush issued? Bush increased oil drilling permits 70% from the Clinton era. Let's see how Obama is doing issuing new offshore oil drilling permits.
The truth is there has been a 69 percent reduction in the number of offshore drilling plans approved under President Obama. It also takes 52% longer for the lucky few to get a permit approved.
 Even former President Bill Clinton thinks Obama's oil drilling permit delays are ridiculous.

Charts via Institute for Energy Research.

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