Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Interesting: Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio will release the Obama birth certificate 'Cold Case Posse' findings on March 1st

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is hinting he has something interesting. Time will tell.

Via The Hill:
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio will reveal the findings of his office's investigation into the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate on March 1, he announced Tuesday.

"Once again I take my elected sheriff's status very serious and when the people ask me to do something, I try to do it regardless of the repercussions, the politics," Arpaio said Tuesday at the Maricopa County Republican Party Lincoln Day Lunch and Straw Poll. "So on March 1st I will have a press conference and reveal what we found out during that investigation. And I don't have press conferences just to have my name on television."


Anonymous said...

Go, Sheriff Joe!

Interested Bystander said...

Hey All,

Although I am hopeful Joe will have "something", I'm not holding my breath.

We have been let down at every turn so far.

If he has ANYTHING, it will probably be something small, and NOT Earth shattering.